ARINC solutions provide feature-rich functionality. Most interfaces offer large transmits and receive message buffer capacity, independently programmable channel bit rates, error injection and detection, and optional IRIG-B receive message time stamping. In addition, our ARINC solutions provide a user-friendly design to the host system with on-board management of message transmission and reception, and graphical application support for monitoring, data logging and simulation for 100% bus loading activity.


    • Devices to be used reliably at extreme ambient temperatures & vibrations
    • IP65, MIL-STD-810G, 5 feet drop resistance
    • 1000 nit sunlight readable display
    • Capacitive touch supports digitizer, glove touch, water rejection, palm rejection, 2mm hard tip stylus
    • Hot swappable battery design
    • Wide expansion design for data capture
    • Dual pass-through connector for WLAN, GNSS, WWAN
    • No plastic parts, only Mg-AI alloy
    • Fanless design
    • Operation temperature up to +55ºC
    • User-removable HDD and/or SSDwaterproof touchpad
    • RS232 & RS422 ports are available
    • Built-in GPS, 3G, WiFi, BT modules & antennas
    • External antennas via SMA for GPS, 3G and Wifi, GNSS, Bluetooth
    • Tablet PC’s are characterized by the extraordinary possibility of customization & an enormous robustness



    Display Sizes: 7”,8.4”,9”,10.1”,10.4”,12.1”,15.1 & 19”
    CPU: Intel® Core i7 & Atom based CPU
    Memory: up to 8 GB DDR3 RAM
    Storage: exchangeable 2,5″ SATA HDD 500GB
    Battery: Li-Ion battery
    Touch screen: resistive
    Keyboard: programmable function keys, on/off, LCD-brightness
    Case: Aluminium/ Magnesium
    Certification: IP65, MIL-STD 810F, MIL-STD 461E/F
    Option: I/Os port are customizable best on customer request
    Connector: Special military connectors on request